Your Ultimate Online Activity Insights Assistant

As your trusted companion for exploring the world of online activities, Chat Insights delivers an effortlessly intuitive interface coupled with rich insights. Manage your family’s time on messaging apps and explore peak activity periods to ensure a well-balanced digital lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

How It Works

Deepen your understanding of the digital habits of your loved ones

Get Notified for Every Online or Offline

Our insightful features allow you to better manage the digital habits of your family for enhanced online safety. Receive instant updates when your children or family members are active on messengers and access comprehensive reports on their online activity trends.

Gain Clarity and Peace of Mind

Whether you are a caring parent or someone who values meaningful connections, Chat Insights will provide you with the insights you need to manage screen time effectively and enhance the well-being of your loved ones. Stay in the loop and have all your questions answered about the online activities of those who matter to you.

Save Status Updates That Matter

Capture precious moments with Chat Insights’ status-saving feature. Auto-save every text, image, or video status update from your loved ones and download them to your device. Humorous posts or captivating photos, all preserved forever in a dedicated gallery. With Chat Insights, every status is a memory saved for a lifetime.

Your Ultimate Online Activity Insights Assistant


Manage your social life
with in-depth data and insights

Around-the-Clock Insights
Gain insights into online activities on messengers at any time of the day or night
View & Save Statuses
Easily view and download favorite status updates to your device
Timely Updates
Get real-time alerts when your family members become online/offline
Unlimited Contacts
Easily handle multiple contacts to understand their social interactions
In-depth Analysis
Access comprehensive reports for understanding online usage patterns
Free Trial
Try Chat Insights free for 3 days for its unlimited functionality